Site Management Services

 In the context of Mission-Critical, the environment served by Brookstone is extreme - Reliability, Redundancy, Availability and Security are paramount.

In order to accomplish these goals, the "battle tested" Brookstone EmCommS solution combines multiple technologies and multiple access methods. The Brookstone EmCommS solution provides an integrated mobile communications platform for First Responders. The system is designed to provide specific wireless communications capabilities when a terrestrial network is unavailable.

The transportable Brookstone EmCommS solution provides First Responders with an 802.11-based Local Area Network (WiFi), VoIP Services, and is capable of connecting to critical systems and databases via satellite (VSAT) communications, as well as providing data access capabilities through dual, diverse cellular networks. Because the system is radio-agnostic, the standard WiFi services can be easily replaced with any other wireless system which may be required or provided by our clients.