Emergency Planning & Preparedness Services

 As a leader, whether public or private sector, an expectation of preparedness has increased the level of responsibility for you and your organization. Legislation has been enacted from various authorities, as have a number of Presidential Directives. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued many educational courses to support these requirements and recommended best practices. These courses are critical for you and your organization to learn of your responsibilities, but fall short in assisting you with your training effectiveness and true level of preparedness. Brookstone has developed solutions to these challenges.

Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery: At Brookstone, we understand what it takes. 

Our experts bring vast, real-world experience to bear on each of these important phases of Emergency Management. Our team leaders include Certified Emergency Managers, Certified Business Continuity Planners, Certified Risk Managers and members who are certified Incident Command System (ICS) instructors. Our teams have been tempered and tested by responding to multiple disasters over several years. In addition to providing both software, hardware and consulting solutions, we can assist in identifying funding and grants for Preparedness activities, and are experts in FEMA-related financial recovery efforts in a post-incident environment.

Brookstone is a ready Response Team consisting of experienced personnel and top-shelf partners. Our capabilities include:

  • Provide state of the art training capabilities that are interactive and can be delivered on a remote basis to assist in your preparedness with customized programs for both citizens and first responders.
  • Provide hosted data solutions to track your assets, capabilities, resources and your citizens.
  • We are equipped with mobile communications systems capable of establishing, maintaining and restoring communications, command, and control during and immediately after a major disaster or significant incident.
  • Provide expert Advisory Services in areas such as Exercise Development and Planning.

Four Phases of Emergency Management (from the NIMS Handbook)

Emergency management is the process of coordinating available resources to deal with emergencies effectively, thereby saving lives, avoiding injury, and minimizing economic loss.

  • Major emergencies or disasters can cover several jurisdictions and may require large-scale government and voluntary agency response.
  • Communications systems must be in place, and someone must direct the response activities. There must be ways to assess the damage caused by the emergency, to return people safely to their homes after the danger has passed, and to help people and businesses return to normal as soon as possible.
  • Efforts must be made to increase safety in the face of future emergencies. This protection process involves four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.


This phase includes any activities that prevent an emergency, reduce the chance of an emergency occurring, or reduce the damaging effects of unavoidable hazards. Mitigation activities should be considered long before an emergency occurs. 

Brookstone Services Include:

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Training
  • Infrastructure Assessment
    • Physical
    • Utilities
    • Information Technology
    • Communications
    • Processes
  • Security Assessments
    • Cyber Security
    • Physical Security


This phase includes developing plans to ensure the most effective, efficient response, taking steps to minimize damages, such as installing forecasting and warning systems, and equipping the EOC for operations during an emergency. A key component of the preparedness stage consists of training and exercising the EOC and the personnel and volunteers who will be staffing the EOC in an emergency. 
Brookstone Services Include:

  • Advisory Services
  • Grant Development
  • Credentialing Solutions
  • EOC Staff Augmentation
  • IT / Communications Outsourcing
  • Preparedness Exercises
  • Process Implementation


Response is the first phase that occurs after the onset of an emergency or disaster.

Brookstone's Services include:

  • Base Camp Services
  • IT / Communications Restoration
  • EOC Staff Augmentation
  • Credentialing Solutions
  • Evacuation Assistance
  • Security Services
  • Volunteer Management
  • Public Information System Development/Restoration
  • Asset Management
  • FEMA Funding Assistance


The activities undertaken during this phase involve steps to return all systems to normal after an emergency. This phase includes such functions as redevelopment loans, legal assistance, and community planning. 

Brookstone's Services include:

  • EOC Staff Augmentation
  • IT Support
  • Public Information Systems
  • Government Process Redesign

Our experts bring vast, real-world experience to bear on each of these important phases.