Base Camp Management Services

The goal of Brookstone’s management team is providing direction and guidance for safe and effective operations. We accomplish effective leadership through technical proficiency while ensuring the safety and well being of employees, setting a proper example, making sound and timely decisions, keeping employees informed, and ensuring assignments are understood, supervised, and accomplished.

Organizational Structure

Operations require a clear organizational structure which Brookstone has developed to allow for:

·         Structured deployment teams with clear responsibilities, and chain of command, and assignments

·         Efficient decision making about organizational structure and resource allocation

·         A framework for change

·         Measuring financial and operational effects

·         Communication of structural and operational information to all employees

·         Effective collaboration on important structural and personnel decisions

·         Effective workforce modeling, planning, and budgeting

·         A planning and feedback system

Our employees understand their organizational structure.  Therefore, they are better prepared to make decisions, know where to seek support and feedback, and avoid duplication of efforts of other employees.  This allows our business to operate efficiently and cost-effectively.


Brookstone’s organizational structure provides a standardized but flexible framework that allows for more efficient operation at every level regardless of project or deployment size, location, or complexity.  This flexibility applies across all phases of Brookstone’s operations including preparedness, deployment, and demobilization.  This framework allows for greater interoperability among team members that have qualifications, interests, and experiences in many diverse areas.


Effective and timely communication is a critical responsibility of every employee. Without it, operations may be compromised. All Brookstone employees have access to and are familiar with multiple forms of communication.  In catastrophic incidents, we are equipped with satellite phones, mobile data, voice over IP (VOIP) phones, facsimile over IP (FOIP), and laptop computers for e-mail and reference management.  Employees are ICS trained to aid in understanding and communicating with common terminology.


A base camp management plan provides for safety, operational strategies, and tactics as well as contingencies that are consistent with resource management objectives, other activities in the area, and environmental laws and regulations while maintaining cost effectiveness.


Safety is the responsibility of every employee and must be practiced at all operational levels.  In the interest of mitigating hazardous situations, Brookstone has established safe work practices, ensures employees are qualified and experienced in their respective positions, and utilizes new and well-maintained equipment.


BrookStone Staffing capabilities include:

·         Base Camp Manager

·         Day & Night Shift Managers

·         Safety & Compliance Manager

·         Administrative Unit Manager

·         Quality Control Manager

·         Medical Unit Leader

      ·         Food Service Manager