Misc Equipment


These barricades have high pressure, roller applied, self-adhesive reflective sheeting to conform to all local, state and federal regulations.   At 4’ high and 3’ wide, the barricade is mounted on a galvanized A-Frame.

Cones-28” & 40"

The cones are constructed of day-glow red/orange PVC with a white liner and a rugged black base.  Reflective cone collars provide added visibility for day and reflect for nighttime use.

Arrow Boards

The trailer mounted arrow board is powered by a solar powered system.  The 6-volt battery provides 300 Amp Hours of power to the 25-light design.  The arrow board is 32 square feet and rotational 360 degrees.  The easy-to-use control panel contains 11 different varieties of signaling.  The lights consist of LEDs, which not only reserves power for long use, but emits a brilliant light that can be seen in any condition.


The Zenith TVBR2742Z 27” TV/VCR Combo offers a brilliant picture, all-in-one functional remote and is compatible with your PC, DVD player and Satellite or Cable programming.

Information Boards

Constructed of ¾” plywood and 2X4s, the information boards give plenty of space to showcase strategic maps and information.  The information boards are set on an A-Frame design and provide a total of 64 square feet of posting space.

40 Gallon Garbage Cans

The 40-gallon Rubbermaid Brute, offer a tough reinforced plastic design with a 24” diameter top and stands 33’’ tall.