Tent Lighting- 6 Bulb Interior/Exterior Light Strands

The 6 bulb interior/exterior light strand is an easy solution to a dark night on a base camp. This light configuration is perfect for sleeping or office areas of the base camp. They are designed to work with all the power set ups Brookstone provides.

4 Bulb- Light Tower, 30’ High

Multiquip’s MLT-DA7 and MLT-KD6 models are highly maneuverable and can fit in almost any location.  The 6 and 7 Kilowatt generators supplies power to 4-1000 watt lights.  The mast of the light tower extends 30 feet in the air and each bulb can be independently adjusted.  A duplex receptacle is attached to the housing unit for any additional power requirements.

10 Bulb- Light Tower, 80’ High

Developed by Tower Solutions, this tow-behind trailer is awe-inspiring to any person that sees the unit.  The tower’s patented design allows for a large rack to be hoisted 80 feet in the air.  A generator unit attached to a network of capacitors and transformers give power to the rack, which consists of 10 directional 1000-Watt light bulbs.  This unit is ideal for lighting up large areas of a base camp.

Mini Light Standards- 2,500 Watt Light Heads

Halogen lighting of this light stand sufficiently small areas.  The unit stands 4 feet tall and has two 1,500-Watt halogen light bulbs.  The lights are ideal for lighting small areas or lower areas where a light tower would be inefficient.