General Requirements and Duties

Required Duties
·         Base Camp Setup/Tear Down - setting up and taking down of all applicable base camp apparatus.
·         Loading/Unloading of trailers that contain required base camp equipment.
·       Setup/Tear Down of tents, usually 3-5 Staff Members setup/tear down at one time.  You will be required to lift up to 50 pounds.
·        Staff Members will be required to drive stakes with sledge hammers or air powered jack hammers, and attach tension rope as directed.
·         Staff Members will string light strands and electrical cabling around the inside of the tents using zip ties. The light strands are not connected to any electrical outlets; there is no wiring or electrical connections done by crew members unless they have received the proper training. 
·         There are a number of electrical cords and cabling used for different purposes, each weighting up to 30 pounds. Staff Members will carry cords to their designated locations. Trained Staff Members hook up these cords or cabling to the respective power generation sources.
·     Setup/tear down of folding tables and chairs, which weigh up to 10 pounds each, and placed at various locations around the camp.
·   Setup/tear down of portable hand wash stations (transported via forklift by certified Staff Member).Once the hand wash stations are positioned, they are managed by Staff Members assigned to keep sinks and mirrors clean and refill paper towel and soap dispensers.
·         Setup/tear down of portable shower units. Shower units are positioned, managed by Staff Members assigned to keep shower stalls cleaned after each use, refill soap and shampoo as needed and hand out disposable bath towels as needed.
·         Empty trash cans and refill plastic bags. Gloves will be provided for this job.
·      Collect and deliver supplies. For example, Staff Members will retrieve rags, towels, tools, cords, equipment parts, etc.
·        A properly certified Staff Member may sometimes operate forklifts to move materials around the jobsite.
·        Ensure all documentation is completed correctly and on time in accordance with company policies and procedures. This includes time cards, driver logs, vehicle assignment logs, accident and incident reports, etc.
·        Ensure that safety policies and procedures are followed at all times, as well as the use of all PPE's  as required.
·          All other duties as required or determined for each jobsite.
General Requirements
·         Effective communication skills to relate to management and clients.
·         Possession of valid identification and work-related documentation.
·         Ability to travel by land or air.
·         Ability to remain on deployments for extended periods of time if required.
·         Ability to work under adverse conditions and situations.
·         Physical abilities include standing, walking, sitting; ability to lift up to 50 lbs, pulling, pushing, bending and stooping.
·         Position can include working inside a warehouse when not on deployment.
·         When on deployment, Staff Members may be exposed to adverse weather conditions including wind, rain, sun, heat, cold, snow or ice.
·         This is an emergency based position; each Staff Member is required to be available within one hour after an activation order has been issued. Each Staff Member must be prepared with an overnight bag, required medications, etc., for immediate deployment.